Puppy made friends with a calf and brought him home

Animals never fail to surprise us!

Labradors are friendly and kind-hearted dogs, just like any other dog breed. They like adventures and tend to make friends with everyone. However, their friendliness might also be problematic. After all, they start bringing all their friends home but the family cannot keep everyone.

This Labrador had gone for a walk around the farm as he usually does, but this time he went back with a calf. They stood in front of the door, patiently waiting for the owner to open it and let them in.

The woman heard some noise and immediately opened the door. Her dog was standing next to a calf, happily wagging his tail. It looked like he was saying: “Hey mom! I thought it would be nice if you met my new best friend and maybe let us in!?”.

“No no no no!!”, was the woman’s only answer. No guests today! Most probably, she was used to her beloved dog constantly bringing new friends.

The poor calf probably got embarrassed when he realized he was an unwanted guest. His friend, however, intended to go till the end and persuade his owner to let them in. Maybe the woman didn’t want her house to turn into a zoo with all the new acquaintances of her pet. The calf wasn’t lucky enough. However, the friendly Labrador will never stop making new friends and bringing them home.

Animals never fail to surprise us!

Hope the calf managed to return home after his journey with the dog!

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