Perfect shot of a Bald eagle flying over the water

The wings of the eagle look like a bridge!

Bald eagles are rarely seen at a close range, so it is difficult to take beautiful photos of them.

Steve Biro is a wildlife photographer, who was lucky enough to take a perfect shot of a Bald eagle in Ontario. The shot brought the man great popularity and wealth.

This is how Steve describes his meeting with Bruce, the bald eagle: “The majestic bird was flying low, close to the surface of the water, when I managed to make an eye-contact with him”. It looked like the bird wanted to attack Steve.

This is how the photographer managed to capture the stunning moment in camera.

If someone tells you that a perfect photo doesn’t exist, just show them this amazing shot! The wings of the eagle look like a bridge, and its reflection on the water is just marvellous.

The photo very quickly went viral on the Internet, especially on Reddit.

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