Aardvark born in Chester zoo first time in 90 years

This is great news!

Recently, an 8-year-old aardvark has given birth to a little miracle baby in Chester zoo. Every night, the zoo staff feed the cub every few hours. The staff will keep taking care of the cub for five weeks until it gets strong enough to be independent.

This is great news! However, it is sad that some wild animals have to give birth in captivity, in order to help their species grow in number.

The zoo staff named the cub Dobby, because he looks like the fictional character in the “Harry Potter” film series.

Aardvarks inhabit southern parts of Sahara. However, because of the agricultural development, the life of these animals is now under a threat. Currently they often face conflicts with local farmers.

Aardvarks hunt termites and ants with the help of their long nose and sharp sense of smell. Their tongues are 25cm in length and are covered with sticky saliva. They use their strong claws to dig burrows where they sleep.

Dobby is the first representative of Tubulidentata order to be born in the zoo. That is why his birth has become a special event!

Aardvarks are active at night, so a lot remains unknown about them. Zoos allow us learn more about such secretive creatures by taking care of them. Chester zoo is a part of the environmental breeding program, so Dobby has also joined them.

Congratulations to the Chester zoo for such a precious achievement!

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