Kind people risked their lives to save a giraffe

He was still able to walk, so he returned to the forest

There are hundreds of stories about animals, like dogs and dolphins, saving human lives. And what about people saving animals? The world would be a better place with love and care.

In Kenya, a group of people managed to save a giraffe cub from drowning. The accident happened in the UASO-Nyiro River in Kenya. Without these kind people, the cub wouldn’t have survived, because the current of the river was very fast and it was teeming with crocodiles.

Fortunately, there were some people near the river that heard the cries of the giraffe. Thanks to these brave people, the giraffe was saved. He was still able to walk, so he returned to the forest.

One of the witnesses later shared some photos on the Internet, which very quickly went viral. Lots of people praised the brave men for their kindness and accepted them as heroes.

Some subspecies of giraffes, including Masai Giraffe, have recently been registered in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as endangered subspecies. They live in Tanzania and Kenya. In the past 3 decades their number has declined 35,000.

If only people could coexist with other animals without hunting and killing!

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