Cute kitten in a vest found a life partner

After all the sufferings the kitten deserved to be happy

This orphaned kitten lives in one of the shelters in South Jersey. He is looking for a foster family. Before entering the shelter, the kitten had to pass a medical examination. It turned out that the kitten had some problems with his chest and couldn’t breather properly.

Leroy, the lovely kitten, was born with deformation of the sternum and chest. Sarah Sharp, the founder of Community Cat Alliance took Leroy. He was in safe hands and underwent several therapies. Leroy was really excited and couldn’t stop running around the shelter.

Soon his doctor explained Sarah, that Leroy needed an immediate surgery on his chest. At that time Leroy was only 5 weeks old and weighed 1 pound, The survival of the cat was something extraordinary. The surgery was successful, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he started purring with delight. After that he had to wear a bib and a vest.

Sarah sew cute jackets for Leroy from colorful socks. He looked great in all of them.

Very soon Sarah brought another cat about the same age as Leroy. They immediately made friends with each other and now are inseparable.

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