Kitten wants to go everywhere wit her rescuers

Now he wants everyone to pet him and play with him all day long

Audrey is a volunteer at Murphy’s Safe Haven. One day she came across an ad about a kitten that was looking for a family. She decided to help the kitten with anything and took her t the shelter.

Shortly after entering the shelter, the vet noticed his hare lip. He also noticed signs of cerebellar hypoplasia – a condition which prevents the brain from proper development. “It was noticeable that the kitten could not walk properly”.

At first the kitten was confused, but he very quickly adapted to his surroundings. He turned out to be a very friendly and interesting cat. The kitten released his adorable character after several days. He feels comfortable in Audrey’s arms and always asks for hugs. As soon as he feels a lack of attention, he starts purring loudly and everyone starts admiring him.

Although his mouth hurt, the kitten ate with a huge appetite. Now he wants everyone to pet him and play with him all day long.

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