Twin kittens found an adult cat that took care of them

The kittens are now happy in this adorable family

These twin kittens ended up in Baby Kitten Rescue in search of a better life. Their mother was too weak after the childbirth to take care of them.

One of the shelter volunteers named Chiu came to pick them up after they had spent several days in intensive care. Monica and Chandler, the kittens, are practically similar. They are caring siblings and devoted friends. Chandler has a calm character, meanwhile his sister likes to scream. Sometimes they both get really aggressive.

They spend their whole day either fighting or hugging each other. Tuko, an adult cat, constantly heard their squeaks and wanted to help. So, she decided to “adopt’ them and raise them. Tuko is ready to take care of every kitten that her foster mother brings home.

The twins were lucky to meet Chiu and Tuko. Now they are happy in this adorable family.

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