Cute kittens were noticed crawling along the gravel road

Now these kittens are able to walk and even jump

A kind-hearted man found these poor kittens roaming the gavel road. He couldn’t let the kittens alone in their condition and decided to help.

He took Jack and Jill, the kittens, to a veterinarian, They underwent physiotherapy and massages. However, none of these helped them walk properly. Later, the man decided to take to the college of veterinary medicine at Oregon State University. Here they finally figured out what problems they had.

Jill had a heavily twisted and dislocated left kneecap. This resulted in her bones developing incorrectly, so she was unable to walk.

Jill underwent a surgery when she was less than 3 pounds in weight. It took her 3.5 months to restore her health. Shortly after the surgery, Jill was able to do some small steps in her physiotherapy sessions. Every day she achieved new improvements, making everyone around her happy.

Jack is also preparing for a serious surgery. Currently he lives with his foster family where he has made friends with other cats. Jack is not scared, but he still needs the attention and care of his family.

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