Greater sage-grouse with a stunning beauty

Such a spectacular appearance!

This large bird sticks out its chest and waves everyone with its tail lake a superstar. Such a spectacular performance!

Centrocercus urophasianus, commonly known as great sage-grouse, is a gray-brownish bird with a black abdomen. Males look the prettiest, as it is common among birds. They have a black head and gular and a white ruff. These birds make sounds resembling clapping of fluid.

Females have dark spots underlined with white marks above their eyes.

These bird species can be found in 16 US states and Canadian provinces of Albert, British Colombia and Saskatchewan. However, their population in Canada has decreased by 98%, since 1988.

In 2013, the Governor of Canada came up with a statement on the protection of this species. Unfortunately, great sage-grouse disappeared in 5 US states in the same year.

Great sage-grouse feeds on leaves, flowers and plant buds. In summers they also eat insects.

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