Statue in honor of an adorable popular cat

He was people’s favorite cat

Meet Tombili, a wonderful cat who has gained the love of many people in Istanbul. The residents didn’t sure whether Tombili had owners and a house or not, as he was quite fat and was good to everyone.

Some strangers noticed this adorable cat comfortably sitting on the pavement. They took a photo of him and posted it online. His photo very quickly went viral on the Internet and Tombili became a star.

Residents of Istanbul couldn’t help admiring this wonderful cat, and Tombili himself didn’t mind it. He let people pet, hug and kiss him. And whenever someone wanted to take a picture of him, Tombili would strike his trademark pose, as if he knew what people wanted from him.

Sadly, the lovely cat passed away in August from an unknown disease. However, people are going to always remember him, thanks to the bronze statue in his honor. The opening of the statue was on October 4, 2016, on World Animal Protection Day.

This statue will remind everyone about Tombili – people’s favorite cat.

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