Something incredible found in an abandoned suitcase

The girl didn’t expect anything strange to happen that day!

Sara Baumer cannot imagine her life without animals. One evening, the girl went out for a walk in fresh air.

It was a sunny day and Sara didn’t expect anything strange to happen. However, it did happen!

Sara might have not noticed the suitcase, if she didn’t hear some cries coming from it. She got completely confused and shocked when she approached the suitcase. The fate of a living being was in Sara’s own hands! It seemed that the person, who had left the suitcase there, needed neither the suitcase, not what was inside.

Inside the suitcase Sara found a bunch of black kittens. She immediately contacted a veterinarian for help.

The poor kittens were starving and needed some grooming. Why would anyone treat these creatures in such a cruel way? It is a miracle that Sara was passing them on that day and noticed the suitcase. If not for Sara, the kittens wouldn’t have survived!

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