Stunning creature!: Uniquely beautiful bird

They look different while in motion

Phylidonyris novaehollandiae is a type of honeyeater inhabiting southern areas of Australia. This bird had black and white feathers, but you can notice yellow color in motion. Most commonly this bird is known as New Holland Honeyeater.

It has a big yellow spot on its wings, white facial tufts and white iris. There is also a white spot around the ears and yellow margins on the tail.

The New Holland Honeyeater is a rather active bird and rarely sits still. That is why it is difficult to take photos of them.

Both genders look similar, although females are smaller in size. Young New Holland Honeyeaters are brown and have gray eyes.

This subspecies can be found in Tasmania, Brisbane, Queensland and in the northern parts of Perth, Western Australia. They live on dry shrubs, savannahs, forests and plantations. New Holland Honeymoon feeds on floral nectar. Sometimes, spiders and insects also become a part of their diet.

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