So stunning!: Bird with really attractive colors

Mother nature has wonderful creatures!

Niltava Grandis belongs to the Muscicapidae family of birds. It is an amazing bird with stunning shades of purple and blue.

Males look the best! They are of a bright blue color with a dark blue lower part. Its face is black with a wonderful bright neon tint.

Females are dark brown with blue spots on their neck.

There is a reddish color on their tails and wings.

This species inhabits Indian subcontinent and in Southeast Asia, including India, Bangladesh and Nepal. They can also be found in Cambodia, Bhutan, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

These birds feed mainly on insects and some invertebrates. Sometimes they also eat berries.

Female lays 2-5 white eggs. She sits on them for 15 days. After the birth of the chicks, male helps the female take care of them until they grow up as old as 14 days.

Due to the extensive range of reproduction, the population of this species is stable.

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