Bird with a beautiful and interesting appearance

Such an adorable appearance!

Dicaeum haematostictum or Black-belted flowerpecker is a forest bird found on plains and in lower mountainous areas.

The bird has is black on the upper part of the body, and blue on the bottom part. There is also a big red spot on its belly.

Black-belted flowerpecker has a very strong voice with high sounds. The bird inhabits Philippines, especially  Panay, Negros, and Guimaras.

These birds prefer basic and secondary forests, but sometimes visit cultivated fields and coconut plantations. They build their nests on bushes and trees and use lichen, dry flowers, feathers and tiny roots for the construction.

They also decorate their nests with some insects or detritus. On average, they lay 2 eggs, but the number can reach up to 4 eggs.

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