Kind guy helps a wild horse stuck in a fence

They helped the horse regain some strength to move

This family was in Green Mountain, Wyoming, when they noticed a wild horse stuck in the fence. Apparently, the poor animal had been stuck there for a long time.

This man approached the horse to help him get out of the difficult situation. As the horse still couldn’t move, the man started gently petting him. Very soon the wild horse managed to regain some strength to walk.

The other members of the family didn’t miss this beautiful chance and started taking photos and recording videos. They quickly spread on the Internet.

Melisa Tysver and her husband Tony and their daughter were driving through Green Mountain, when they noticed the horse.

Approaching a wild animal, that is in danger and is frightened, might be very dangerous for a person. Tony knew what he was doing so he didn’t suffer any consequences.

Seeing that the horse refused to get up even after getting released, Tony decided to help him further. He approached the horse, lied down next to him and started petting the poor animal. Then his daughter joined him and they both helped the horse regain his strength.

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