Wolf family posing for a photo in New York

Wolves play a greatly important role in the nature

Here is a wonderful family photoshoot of a pack of wolves. They live in the wolf conservation center in New York.

These amazing wolves didn’t even need instructions on how to behave in front of the camera. The photos were taken in November, 2021, and they immediately went viral on the Internet.

The amazing family has 11 members and the leaders are parents Rose and Allen. In the spring, 2018, they had 9 pups.

Wolves play a greatly important role in the ecosystems.

“We educate 40,000 people, especially children, about the importance of wolves in our lands, waters and even in our culture”, wrote the wolf conservation system on Facebook.

Currently, there are 54 pups of Red and Mexican wolves in the center. These wolf subspecies are on the verge of disappearance. In fact, around 113 endangered wolves inhabit the are of the conservation center. They are a part of the rehabilitation program.

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