Orphaned kittens always support each other

The sweetest Mac and Cheese you will ever see!

Mac and Cheese are ginger twins and their survival journey sounds like a miracle. The sweet kittens are real fighters. They kept supporting each other from the very first day of their birth.

One of their rescuers contacted Wrenn Rescues animal rescue center in Los Angeles, California.

It turned out that the little twins were the only survivors of the litter and their mother was gone.

“They were only about a week old when they arrived. The babies were small and very weak. Mac and Cheese refused to eat properly, but they needed to gain weight”, told Erin, one of the volunteers of the shelter.

Despite their poor condition, the kittens were still very friendly and playful.

Very soon Mac and Cheese began to recover.

The lovely kittens had some health problems. They suffered from infections and stomach pains. Mac and Cheese spent the next to weeks in an incubator, then they were transferred to another rescue center with a good number of cats. Later, the shelter staff felt the need of various veterinarians, because the kittens were in constant pain.

While undergoing treatment, the sweet kittens kept supporting each other. They would hug and kiss each other after every meal. Most probably, this also helped them recover.

They delighted their caregivers with their playful and sweet nature.

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