Sad-looking cat: This cat finally found her happiness

She was absolutely healthy, but had lost all her hope

Rescuers found this cat in Australia. She was frightened and there was no sign of hope in her life. Luckily, the rescuers helped her and took her to a shelter.

The shelter staff named her Shiba. At first she was really shy and scared of people and didn’t even want to raise her head. The results of the medical examination showed that the cat was healthy.

Happily, very soon the cat found a caring family and joined them the next day. One of the shelter volunteers took her to her new home. She was again very frightened and hid under the bed all the time. Shiba only got out when she needed to eat something.

But soon she realized that the people around her actually cared about her and loved her. The sad-looking cat finally blossomed and her eyes started showing happiness. Now she has changed beyond recognition.

Shiba turned out to be a very friendly and energetic cat. Now, whenever she needs some love and attention, she jumps on the laps of her owners and starts purring sweetly.

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