“From a rough life to a happy pet”! Family couldn’t remain indifferent to this lovely kitten

Kitten overcame all the difficulties thanks to his strong will!

Kiwi is a little kitten that has recently been rescued and brought to the shelter. The kitten has adorable bear-like ears and wobbly paws. Melania and her husband met Kiwi in the shelter and immediately decided to adopt him.

Kiwi knew he was different but he never showed his feeling to anyone and acted like a tough boy. Thanks to all the efforts of his owners, Kiwi underwent several medical treatments which helped him overcome all his difficulties.

There was someone else, too, who took care of the little kitten. It was Cherry, the big cat of the family. She was happy to welcome Kiwi into the family and started taking care of him.

These two lovely kittens became inseparable friends and created a good number of happy memories together.

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