“Kind Act of a little child”: Girl brought home a stray dog and her mother accepted him

The dog is now the joy of the family!

Yana loves animals in general, but she has always considered herself a cat person. She cannot imagine her life without these cute furry creatures and often brings stray cats home to take care of them. Yana has never even considered keeping a dog at home, but very soon, everything changed.

Her 9-year-old daughter went to her training and came back with a friend. She had come across a stray puppy that was trembling with fear and cold.

The girl pitied the puppy and brought him home. Yana was surprised seeing her daughter gently hugging the poor dog and very quickly realized that the dog was now going to live with them.

The girl did not expect her mother to accept the dog and was afraid he might end up on the streets again. They named the dog Mukhtar and now he is the joy of the family. Yana never regretted her decision.

Yana jokes around saying that instead of them walking Mukhtar, the dog is the one to walk them.

We are so happy to hear about stray animals ending up in caring families. And it is all thanks to such kind-hearted people.

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