“He only needed help and some love!”: Kind people rescued a stray dog

He was called the “Black Wolf of California streets”

Local people named this stray dog “Black Wolf” and were afraid to approach him. But what these people didn’t know, was that the poor stray dog needed help and some love. He had been roaming the streets of California for several months and was completely exhausted.

Almost all his fur was scattered. The poor creature had lost all his hope and refused to let other animals or people near him. Luckily, some compassionate people contacted an animal rescue organization and told them about the dog.

One of the volunteers named Meghan told that her meeting with the dog had changed her life completely. By the way, it was impossible to figure out that the dog was a German Shepherd just by looking at him. His appearance was distorted.

The dog had health problems, that is why he couldn’t live his life to the fullest. The volunteers named him Konge. It turned out he was a year old.

Soon he had to undergo a back surgery. Thanks to experienced veterinarians, the surgery was successful and he is now recovering. After he is fully recovered, the volunteers will start looking for a permanent home for him.

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