“Poor kitten needed special care”: Rescued kitten finally found a safe place to live

Over time the little creature started recovering and getting stronger.

One day, a man noticed a litter of kittens in his backyard and rushed to their aid. Unfortunately, it was too late and only one of them survived. The man took the kitten home where his dog payed a warm welcome to the kitten and started taking care of him.

The man contacted a local animal shelter and informed them about the kitten. Very soon a group of volunteers arrived and took the kitten to the shelter. The volunteers did everything possible to provide the kitten with everything he needed. After all, the kitten needed special care and loving people around him.

Eventually, the little creature started recovering and getting stronger.

At that time, other volunteers of the same shelter brought some other kittens to the shelter. They were all almost the same age and quickly made friends.

Now the sweet kittens are close friends and enjoy spending time with each other. They care for each other and cannot imagine even a day without one another.

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