“Cat made the dog her pet”: Dog let a stray cat into their house and became close friends

Friendship between cats and dogs is something really incredible!

Blink is an incredibly friendly dog, and there are no cats on our planet that she cannot befriend. Her owner, Liza, often adopts kittens and takes care of them. That is why Blink has already got used to their companion and has even learned how to control them.

And one day, Blink happened to meet a cat on the other side of their gate. The cat had found the food that Liza had left for stray animals.

It was almost a year ago, and since then the kitten had been examining the area of her house. Liza told, that the cat had jumped over the gate and entered their yard.

The woman and her husband immediately realized, that the cat needed a home to stay, that’s why she kept returning. They also realized, that it was Blink who let the cat in and wanted to make friends with her.

“We are going to take her to a vet clinic for a check-up. I think we will adopt her. She is an adorable cat and it looks like she has made our dog her pet”, said Liza jokingly. “It is good for our Blink to have as many feline friends as possible”.

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