“Optical Illusion Challenge”: Find the hidden snow leopard in the mountains

Test your vision with this optical illusion test!

Optical illusions are visual phenomena which make our brain perceive something that is different from reality. They either trick our eyes and brain to see things that do not really exist, or trick us to think that something real is not there.

In ancient times, people considered such phenomena witchcraft, demons or evil. However, later in time scientists discovered that such illusions are tricks played by the human brain. Very often we come across optical illusion pictures with all kinds of geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, etc. These shapes are arranged in a way to create an illusion.

Your goal in this task is to find the snow leopard that is perfectly camouflaged with the rocks and snow.

You have 7 seconds. Let’s Go!

The picture above depicts a rocky mountain covered with snow. However, there is also a snow leopard hiding somewhere among the rocks. Now good luck finding it!

Have you already noticed the animal? Take your time and examine the picture carefully.

If you managed to find the leopard, congratulations! And if you haven’t found it yet we are going to show you the leopard in the answers below.

Here is our hero!

It has amazing hiding skills, doesn’t it?

See if your friends will get better results than you! And make sure you check out our other optical illusion tests!

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