“He attracted dozens of people”: Rescued dog surprised everyone with his cute smile

It’s so great that such an unusual feature helped the dog find a new family!

Some animals at shelters have already figured out several ways to attract and conquer potential owners.

There are pets that learn and develop some tricks for this purpose. Others just wag their tails to attract people with their cuteness.

The hero of today’s story is a 2-year-old dog named Cheech. He managed to persuade a man to adopt him using his incredible charming and cute smile.

Volunteers found Cheech on the streets of Texas and brought him to the shelter.

Some time later, the shelter staff started noticing that the dog makes strange faces every time someone approaches him.

“When I noticed his “smile” for the first time, I immediately called my colleagues to look at him. We all thought that he was just grinning or snarling. But later we figured out what a friendly and active dog he was”, told the director of the shelter, Leah Sipe.

The woman took several photos of Cheech and his adorable smile and posted them on the shelter’s Facebook page. The photos quickly went viral. People would never imagine they might get charmed by a dog’s weird smile. But they were, and soon people started calling and asking to adopt the lovely dog.

After considering all the proposals, the shelter volunteers helped Cheech find a caring and permanent home.

A woman named Carrie was the lucky one. She adopted Cheech. Unfortunately, one of her dogs had died the day before, and the second dog named Dusty couldn’t overcome the loss of his best friend. As soon as Carrie and Dusty met Cheech for the first time, they immediately realized that he was the best choice for them. They would get along just fine!

It is so great that such an unusual feature helped our hero find a new family and be happy!

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