“Optical Illusion Test”: Find the cat on the street in 7 seconds!

There is a cat hiding in this picture. Can you find it?

Optical illusions are visual phenomena which make our brain perceive something that is different from reality. They either trick our eyes and brain to see things that do not really exist, or trick us to think that something real is not there.

In ancient times, people considered such phenomena witchcraft, demons or evil. However, later in time scientists discovered that such illusions are tricks played by the human brain. Very often we come across optical illusion pictures with all kinds of geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, etc. These shapes are arranged in a way to create an illusion.

Look closely at the optical illusion picture below and let us know when you find the hidden kitten.

Here We Go!

You can see a street in this picture with some buildings. However, there is something else that you should try to notice. It is a cat! As you know, cats like hiding and sleeping in the most unusual places. Let’s see if you can convince your brain think like a cat would!

Here is a hint for you: try looking at the bottom part of the picture.

Did the hint help you find the cat? If not, let’s look at the picture below, where we have pointed out the hidden cat!

Optical Illusion Test Answer!

Here is where our little friend was hiding:

Hope you like this optical illusion test! If you did, share it with your family and friends! See if they can do better in this test!

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