Unwanted child: Gerard Depardieu’s unhappy childhood

Life had a pleasant surprise for the young talent

Gerard Depardieu had a really difficult and even dangerous childhood. And those who are to blame for this, are his parents. His life was in danger even before his birth.

As soon as his mother found out about her pregnancy, she wanted to get rid of the baby. Gerard’s parents were farmers with a low income. And when his mother got pregnant, there were already 2 children in the family.

His parents understood that they would be unable to raise another child in such financial conditions. This is why they wanted to get rid of their future baby.

Once the mother even pierced her her stomach with needles. However, despite all the attempts, the child survived. He was a heavy burden for the family, and the father took up drinking.

Years later, at the age of 14, Gerard escaped from the house and got in serious troubles. But fate had a great surprise for the young talent.

He accidentally enrolled in acting classes with his friends and became an actor. Now he is the most famous and highly paid French actor.

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