Little cow with no front legs jumps like a kangaroo

All animals deserve love!

The appearance of this little cow breaks many hearts. She has no front legs and jumps like a kangaroo. As she walks, it seems she is about to fall down. However, she never gives up and keeps moving forward.

The calf went up to a man with a robe and started following him. He went to collect grass from the road and pulled the cow away. It seems the guy didn’t really like the calf.

The man had a farm and the calf lived there. But whenever the calf approached the man, he would pull her away. All of this because the calf has only two legs.

Many people pitied the unfortunate calf and wanted to help her somehow. However, there were also those that wanted to brutally end the animal’s life. This adorable calf only needs some love and care.

Such disabled animals have a unique personality and never let their condition stand in their way. The calf has gone through many difficulties and we hope that one day her sufferings will end. She deserves love and proper care!

All animals deserve love!

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