“Pets were in poor condition”: Over 400 animals seized from a pet store in Texas

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The owner of a local pet store in Burkburnett, Texas, was found guilty for keeping a great number of pets in horrible conditions. Over 400 animals were seized from the shop due to several reports concerning the condition of the shop and the pets inside.

Cheryl Heineken, executive Director for the Humane Society of Wichita County, said she was asked to help the Burkburnett Animal Control, but when she was told the number of animals they were going to pick up, she had to call in reinforcements.

Various species were found seizing from the pet shop, such as guinea pigs, snakes, mice, rats and birds. despite all the reports about the shop condition, the pet shop has been open for decades.

“We have an extra building out at the humane society, so when we were asked to help Burkburnett , we agreed”, said Heineken.

Having to deal with hundreds of animals, Heineken felt the need to call in air support or the Animal Investigation and Response Team to assist. All the animals were transferred to the humane society and now get proper treatment. Heineken also mentioned, that any help is appreciated.

“I read the story about all the poor animals. We lost our bird recently so we had an extra cage. I figured out I could give it to them, as they might need it”, said Tonia Machado.

It would be quite difficult to foster these animals, but for the time being, she asks the public to be patient. The humane society could also need monetary donations, volunteers and some food for the animals.

If you are interested in offering you help, click here!

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