“Century-Old Optical Illusion”: Spot an old woman and a young woman in the picture

This old German illusion came with a great message!

Optical illusions are visual illustrations that have different appearances if you look with different perspectives. There are several types of illusions, like physical, physiological and cognitive. Optical illusions can also depict a hidden philosophical reasons behind any perception. That is why some optical illusion tests are meant to depict your personality.

Human brain can look at objects and images from various angles and form different perceptions for each view. One such mind-blowing illustration is this century-old German postcard.

There are two faces depicted in this image – a young lady and an old woman. Can you spot them both in 20 seconds?

This old German postcard has a special meaning, or rather a message, and the postcard read: in every young woman, there is the promise of the woman she will grow into, and in every older woman, there is the memory of the young woman she once was”.

This anonymous German postcard dates back to 1888. It is a vivid example of a perceptual illusion, in which the human brain switches between seeing a young lady, to seeing an old woman. Some people argue that there is only the face of a young woman, while others argue that there is no young woman, but only an old one. However, both interpretations are right.

If you first saw the young woman, and now cannot fond the old woman, here is a hint: look at the young woman’s chin and think of it as a large nose, and look at the young woman’s ear and think of it as an eye.

If you saw the old woman first, look at the old woman’s nose, and think of it as the left cheek of a face looking away from you, and look at the old woman’s eye and think of it as an ear on a face looking away from you.

Scroll down to see both answers from a better view!

Young Lady

Look at the part of the image that is outlined with a red line. You can spot a young lady looking away over her shoulder. She is wearing a bow hat with its lace flowing behind her.

Old Woman

If you follow the red line in this picture, you can spot the face of an old woman with a stooped face bending downwards. Her face and nose are much bigger.

You should experience a ‘Gestalt switch’ between seeing the image as an old woman or a young woman. It is a psychological phenomenon, when your perception suddenly changes.

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