“They made each other happy”: Stray pit bull adopted an orphaned puppy after losing her newborns

This beautiful relationship seemed to heal both of them!

Two unfortunate stray dogs found each other and overcame their problems together. This heartbreaking story touched the hearts of thousands of people, showing that love, affection and care are able to defeat any life obstacles.

Officers of the Animal Control spotted this stray dog wandering the streets of South Carolina at a very cold night. The officers noticed that the dog, which was later named Daya, was pregnant. She needed a safe and comfortable place as soon as possible.

Halfway Rescue staff agreed to foster the dog and provide her with a comfy shelter.

Daya was taken to a vet clinic, where it turned out that she had some health problems and needed an immediate surgery. Her and her babies’ lives were in danger.

Unfortunately, Daya lost her puppies, but she managed to survive, which is happy news. However, the poor dog was heartbroken. Her eyes were sad and hopeless.

But one day everything changed. An orphaned black puppy appeared at the shelter. He looked very scared, depressed and confused. This puppy was also found on the streets of South Carolina. The shelter staff named the puppy Raisin. It was obvious, that the dog had a really difficult and unhappy past. One of his ears was seriously injured.

The workers of the Halfway Rescue shelter decided to introduce Raisin to Daya. This encounter changed both of their lives.

Daya immediately liked and accepted the puppy as her own, as if she saw her lost puppies in him. And Raisin had been deprived of maternal love since the very first day of his life, so he also found comfort next to Daya. This beautiful relationship seemed to heal both of them.

Very soon they both were adopted by different families and are now happy. But nothing will ever make them forget each other.

Here is a video about these two adorable dogs!

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