“From being paralyzed to dancing!”: This dog had an incredible journey

A glimmer of hope was all this dog had!

This emaciated dog was found by some locals. He was lying on the ground, unable to stand because of a severe spinal nerve damage. The dog was in intense pain and was unable to move, but his faint cries were finally heard by some locals. They immediately rushed to help the poor creature.

The rescuers didn’t waste any time, and immediately took him to a vet clinic. Despite all their efforts, the dog was still unable to move. But the veterinary team was determined to save his life. They put the poor dog on a strict regime  of bed rest for six weeks, so that his spinal nerves would heal and the swelling between his vertebrae would subside.

The dog couldn’t eat on his own and was on the verge of depression. However, 3 weeks through his recovery, the dog was already able to stand up.

This is the miracle and the confidence that the veterinary team was hoping to achieve, so that they could keep their efforts up. Thanks to their love, care and kindness, the dog was getting better and better every day.

This story proves how resilient an animal’s spirit can be, and how powerful love and hope can be.

Watch the video below to learn more about this adorable dog and his recovery story!

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