“Optical Illusion”: What do you see first in the image?

Check out the confusing illustration in the article!

Optical illusions are visual phenomena which make our brain perceive something that is different from reality. They either trick our eyes and brain to see things that do not really exist, or trick us to think that something real is not there.

In ancient times, people considered such phenomena witchcraft, demons or evil. However, later in time scientists discovered that such illusions are tricks played by the human brain. Very often we come across optical illusion pictures with all kinds of geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, etc. These shapes are arranged in a way to create an illusion.

Optical illusions are excellent mood boosters that have been scientifically proven to improve cognitive abilities and logical reasoning skills. In short, Optical illusions make you smarter and sharper. So, make sure to solve them daily.

Today’s optical illusion picture deals with food items.

Let’s Start!

Look at the picture below and let us know what you saw first!

This image was captured by the Mexican art studio Golpeavisa for the cover of Clase Premier magazine, which is distributed by Aeroméxico airline for their first class passengers.

Most of the time, people notice a dinner table with delectable red wine, choicest food items, and the finest cutlery. But there is something else that may capture your attention. You are right! There is a portrait of a man hidden in the image, and that man is Danish chef René Redzepi, the owner of the Noma Restaurant.

Food Optical Illusion Explained!

Golpeavisa, a Mexican art studio came up with the idea of this illusion. They used a special technique of flotsam and jetsam to arrange the glass bottles, wine glasses,  various food items, and cutlery to create a portrait of chef René Redzepi.

If you still cannot spot the portrait, try looking from a distance and a certain angle.

Hope you enjoyed this optical illusion picture!

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