“Parents are amazed!”: Dog knows how to calm down the crying baby

Surprisingly, his method works every time!

Meet Bamboo – a 2-year-old dog from California that lives with his owners. This adorable dog has a favorite toy, which he always carries with him. It is a little yellow ball.

Not long after the dog appeared in the family, his foster mother got pregnant.

There was a drastic and noticeable change in the dog’s attitude towards the woman. He became much more protective, caring and attentive towards her. Whenever Bamboo saw the woman having a short rest in the sofa, he would lie next to her for hours and refused to leave her.

The woman was really surprised and excited about the dogs attitude. It was really interesting how he was able to feel and understand everything.

And when the baby was born, the owners decided to let Bamboo approach him. The pet welcomed the newcomer with great excitement and happiness.

They became inseparable friends from the very first day of their meeting. Bamboo accepted the little boy as his brother and became his caring guardian.

The lovely dog has even figured out how to calm down the boy when he is crying. In such cases he runs to bring his favorite yellow toy to the baby. Surprisingly, it works every time and the baby stops crying. The parents are really amazed by the dog’s intelligence and attentiveness.

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