“He needs only two things to be happy!”: The oldest dog in the shelter receives his dream gift on his birthday

Every dog deserves love and care!

Meet Billy – a wonderful dog who is the oldest in the shelter. Billy used to have a really happy and carefree life with his previous owner. The man provided him with everything necessary. However, everything changed, when the dog noticed that his owner had suddenly started paying not much attention to him. Soon the man took the dog to the shelter. The shelter employees describe Billy as a very cute, smart and friendly dog.

Billy is already quite old, so he doesn’t run around or play much. He needs constant rest and likes to sleep wherever possible, be that on the floor, the couch or in someone’s arms. He takes a nap wherever he wants.

On his birthday, the shelter staff decided to throw a birthday party and give him two of his favorite things as a gift. And these two things are treats and a proper rest.

When he feels that people are caring and loving towards him, Billy becomes the happiest dog in the whole world!

Every dog deserves to be safe and protected. They should receive love and care from all people!

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