“Zoo staff is amazed!”: A langur was born in the zoo

As humans, we should do everything to help endangered animals!

Langur is a species of monkeys that likes the cliffs and caves of tropical regions. And witnessing the birth of one of their babies is a real miracle!

The zoo happily announces the birth of a little langur, which was later named Lucky. Lucky’s parents are Miu-Miu and Chestnut. Soon the zoo staff noticed, that Miu-Miu wasn’t happy to welcome her cub to this world and refused to take care of it.

The staff mentioned, that it was a normal behavior of an adult langur, but the baby’s life was at risk. Veterinarians took the baby to a vet clinic and washed it. To make sure the baby gets proper nutrition, the vets fed Lucky in the hospital.

Later, the vets introduced Lucky to Miu-Miu, trying to help them become friends. Then they took her to Chestnut, her father. Support facilities were organized for this family.

This species is endangered, so the zoo staff consider breeding these animals in order to preserve them. As humans, we have to do everything possible to help endangered animals.

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