“Unusual and cute cow”: This sweet cow made friends with 12 dogs

She thinks she is also a dog

Moola is a calf that lives in a rescue organization. At the center she was lucky enough to befriend 12 dogs. She was bought at an auction and taken to a farm.

Moola was smaller than usual calves, and such small cows are usually not brought to auctions. The man liked her a lot, bought her and took to the farm.

As Moola is still too small and weak, she is kept inside the house. There she met several dogs that were also rescued and brought to the farm.

Among them there was a white bull terrier, which received the most attention from the cow. She is a very friendly dog and especially likes Moola. After spending 6 weeks with so many dogs, Moola started thinking that she was a dog herself.

However, not so long ago, Moola was taken to another rescued calf and had to spend a few days outside in the warm weather. The owner believes that this will help Moola realize who she actually is.

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