“Tough Optical Illusion”: Different people see different animals in this optical illusion

Do you see a moose or a cat?

Twitter user Tom Hicks shared an optical illusion that is supposed to hide either a cat or a moose in it. Depending whether you are right-brained or left-brained, you will see one of the animals that we have mentioned. This optical illusion has been recently going viral on the Internet, and people are struggling to solve it.

The viral optical illusion claims to be based on the lateralization of your brain function. The animals disappear if you look closely at the image or any of its parts.

The majority of viewers see the cat, while others do not see any animal at all. There are also people that can see both animals. The only problem of this optical illusion is that the author hasn’t shared which animal depicts which side.

Here is something interesting about left and right sides of human brain: If you are left-brained, you are more logical and analytical. And if you are right-brained, you tend to be more creative and intuitive.

Have you ever checked which side of your brain is dominant?

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