“Optical Illusion Personality Test”: Do you have a creative or logical mind?

Here is a very beautiful optical illusion test for you!

Did you know, that the human brain has two sides – logical and creative? Your life and how you perceive it greatly depends on what side of your brain is more developed. These sides are more commonly known as your right brain and left brain.

This optical illusion test will test your brain and reveal whether you are right-brained or left-brained. And this feature will reveal some of your personality traits, based on psychological researches. This picture is used by many psychologists to find out what is hidden in the minds of introverts.

What did you see first in this picture? 

A man or a woman separately

If you mentioned that you spotted a man or a woman separately standing by the lake, it means you are a loner, because you ignored the company standing by his or her side. You are a hard worker and are focused on your career and life goals. Everything in your life is about you and you do not need anyone by your side to achieve your goals. You win in most situations in your life, because you are more logical (left-brained). This also goes for the people who did not differentiate if it’s a man or a woman standing side by side.

In terms of brain usage, these people are leftists. The left side of your brain is useful in calculations, reading and writing.

A couple standing by the lake

Did you spot the couple in the first 30 seconds? This means you use your creative and logical sides of your brain simultaneously. The couple signifies, that you have imaginative thinking as well as logical thinking. The balance between the right and left sides of your brain helps you succeed in life. You have an outgoing personality. You are friendly, but hardly let anyone interfere in your life.

A Baby

Did you really notice the baby first in this picture? Congratulations! Only 20% of the world population is able to spot the baby in 30 seconds. This means you are a true right-brain user, you have an imaginative set of characters in your mind that control you. You have the power to see beyond your time. Also, most people with the ability of the sixth sense are creative thinkers and right brain users. As a creative thinker, you are good in arts and are a great daydreamer.

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