“Everyone ignored the kitten”: Abandoned stray cat turned into a polite and healthy pet

The poor kitten was finally rescued!

This little kitten was left all alone on the side of the road. A young man came across it on his way home. All the cars were just honking and passing by the cat, but the poor thing was too weak to respond and move away from the road.

This young man just couldn’t ignore the helpless cat. He got out of the car and took it with him. After a while, the kitten finally opened its eyes in the car.

It was a real miracle that the kitten managed to survive in such conditions and was unharmed. The man couldn’t find the cat’s previous owners and couldn’t even figure out why they would decide on leaving it. The man adopted the kitten and now it is relaxing in the new family. The cat tuned out to be really smart and friendly.

The cat is a girl! She enjoys sleeping on the bed prepared specially for her. After finding new owners, the cat turned into a very polite and happy pet.

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