“From hell to heaven”: Woman found a completely weak and helpless stray dog and changed his life

His quick transformation is just amazing!

Prue Barber is the director of Mission Paws. She supports all the helpless animals she comes across on the streets. And this poor canine needed immediate help, so Prue couldn’t ignore him. 

The dog was all alone on the street, suffering from hunger and cold weather. All passers-by just ignored the dog and no one ever considered giving him just a little food. 

The scene was extremely heartbreaking, and Prue hurried to save him from all the sufferings. First of all, the woman took the dog home, washed him and gave something to eat. The dog was scared and confused, but over time got used to his new surroundings. 

Prue took proper care of the dog, providing him with everything necessary to make the dog happy and healthy. Words cannot express how much the woman has done for the dog to change his life, but these photos can show all the transformations. 

The dog was really lucky to met an affectionate woman such as Prue. Now he is in real paradise!

The woman has done a great job. Thanks to her another helpless creature received a second chance to a happy life. 

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