“He didn’t care about the other cat”: Gorgeous kitten entered a random house and started acting as if it was his own

The persistent kitten made everyone fall in love with him

Eliana Loseva and her family were having a dinner together when suddenly a ginger cat appeared in their house out of nowhere. The cat immediately started acting as if he had been living their all his life. The family later named him Mura. 

He sat down at the table, smelled the food and started to eat. It was not clear how the cat managed to enter the house, because they had another cat and it did not make any sounds. 

The family cat was perplexed by Mura’s sudden appearance in the house. However, Mura didn’t really care and started eating the other cat’s food. After finishing the meal, the new cat went into the living room and lied down to relax. 

It was a real happiness for Mura to enter this house and make friends with the adult cat. 

It seems that some cats are able to guarantee a successful life for themselves just by following their instincts. 

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