“A cutie with special needs!”: Adorable kitten learned to walk on two hind legs

The cutie has even developed a new game for herself!

Pali is a lovely small kitten that has many common characteristics with other cats. She loves eating, playing and ‘resting’ in the bathroom. Like all the other cats, Pali is a fan of all-day naps.

However, Pali is still different! The problem is, this cutie was born with only two legs. Fortunately, Milo didn’t ignore the kitten and took her home with him. He didn’t really know how to take proper care of such a special kitten, but very soon he learned everything.

After a while, Milo came across another kitten born with two legs, that was very popular on the Internet. The cat’s story motivated Milo. He became an experienced caregiver, and Pali quickly developed and blossomed.

The cat very quickly learned how to walk on her two hind legs. She also developed a cute game for herself. Whenever she gets bored, Pali stretches to her maximum height and coils her back into a C shape.

As Milo notes, Pali doesn’t even realize that she is special or somewhat different from the other cats. Also she is rude, and Mali very often loses her from his sight. But the kitten is always happy to welcome her owner!

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