“Mother’s Heart!”: Mom deer comes to check on the crying human baby

The mother deer thought the baby was in danger and got worried

This woman was recording a TikTok video while comforting her baby, when she suddenly noticed a deer running towards them. The mom deer came to check on the crying baby as she got worried. The video turned out so sweet and unexpected! It’s not surprising that it has gained over 27 million views.

Newborns usually cry a lot and for different reasons. Sometimes, it is difficult even for the mother to understand what the baby needs. And this woman from New Lexington, Ohio, was facing such a difficulty, when the unexpected thing happened.

The mother and the baby were on the deck, when the deer started rushing to them from the bushes. The woman immediately understood what the deer was trying to do, so she calmed her down saying: “Nope! This is my baby. This one’s my baby.”

The woman posted the video on TikTok, commenting that you can’t meet a caring mother deer every day.

Watch the video below!

While millions of people were touched by the video and the care of the deer, there were still people who criticized the mother for putting the child on the deck. Later she also shared a photo of her baby peacefully sleeping on the deck, showing that he feels comfortable there. Another group of people commented that deer are protective animals and it was wrong of the woman to talk to her like that.

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