“The sweetest duo!”: Lucky puppy managed to befriend a horse

Their sweet story is demonstrated on their Instagram account

Dilly, a dog, and Spinky, a horse, very quickly made friends. The horse appeared in a ranch and obeyed all the orders of his trainer.

It turned out, that the horse doesn’t let everyone get close to him. Only a few people have this privilege. However, Dilly was different…he was lucky! Spinky doesn’t mind carrying Dilly on her back and follows her orders.

The puppy and the horse are the ranch owner’s favorite animals and they very often appear in his short videos. Francesca, the owner, has recently created an Instagram account for the duo where she posts their photos and videos. 

This adorable friendship has been lasting for 8 years. Francesca admitted that it was really difficult at first, because Spinky was really unmanageable. 

Dilly was there to help the horse. She just climbed up the horse and from that moment on they have been best friends! 

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