“Cute creatures!”: French rabbits with fluffy ears captured everybody on the Internet

Who wouldn’t be happy to take care of such fluffy creatures!?

Yufeli Herberto breeds rabbits in a farm in Saint Martin de Noires, France. He first took up this activity in 2010 as a teenager. Today he is a famous rabbit breeder specialized in one of the most unique breeds.

You have probably heard about the classic Angora rabbit breed and its variation English Angora. Yufeli decided to experiment on this breed and came up with a new exotic “dwarf English Angora”.

Yufeli is completely engaged in his job and sincerely loves every single cub that is born in his farm. They are rare and very valuable rabbits and Yufeli receives orders for several years ahead.

There is clearly little meat on these rabbits and the only thing that makes them really remarkable and expensive is their fur and exotic appearance. However, it is not that easy to keep this breed. Regular English Angoras need to be sheared a few times a year to keep the fur from matting. Yufeli also combs them and takes special care of their fur every week, but it’s just a joy for him.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be happy to take care of such fluffy creatures!? They are incredible cute and very friendly!

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