“Cute and Dangerous”: Wonderful wild kittens that will make anyone fall in love with them!

Wild cats with incredibly beautiful eyes!

People not always recognize what kind of felines these animals are. The main reason is that people are mostly focused on lions, tigers, leopards or domestic cats only. But the feline world is much wider and there are even more amazing and beautiful creatures that deserve our love and attention.

This wonderful predator is only slightly larger than an ordinary cat, with delicate tassels on their ears. In its natural habitat this feline was among the domesticated predators.

And this wonderful creature is Caracal!

Some people take this cat for a lynx, but it’s not. Caracal is slimmer, much smaller in size and has a solid color. Depending on their region of residence, their color might vary from light beige to bright red.

As predators, caracals hunt and feed on rabbits, birds and rodents. There is a widespread opinion, that caracals can go without water for a rather long time. However, this information is not completely true. They get fluid from their food.

These felines are incredibly active at dawn and dusk. This is why they were used in ancient Iran and India as hunting animals.

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