“Happiness in the dog’s eyes”: This family made a movable bed for their old dog to take her to the beach

It is hard for elderly dogs to visit their favorite places

16-year-old Cocoa enjoyed having family trips. However, as she grew older, it became much more difficult for her to keep up with the fun and active life. But her family never wanted to upset the dog and came up with a wonderful idea.

Tom and her wife decided to build a movable bed for Cocoa, so that she didn’t have to walk long distances. According to Tom, it was not really difficult to build the bed.

The story of this family went viral after a stranger noticed them on the beach. She first noticed the happiness and peace in the dog’s eyes. The woman immediately took a picture of the happy dog and posted it online.

The post became popular and gained over 55,000 shares. People praised the dog’s owners for their unconditional love and care for the dog. Someone else might have left the dog at home or just left it at a shelter.

Unfortunately, Cocoa passed away recently. But at least we know she lived a happy and peaceful life.

The dog enjoyed her life to the fullest thanks to her caring and loving owners!

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