“Optical Illusion Test”: How many women can you spot in less than 1 minute?

Optical illusion pictures are not what they appear to be

This optical illusion picture is meant to make you wonder about your senses. The author of this illusion is a Ukrainian artist who likes to play with people’s minds and challenge them. The illusion looks like a picture of a woman, however, there are more women hidden in the picture.

Let’s see how many women you can find in less than a minute!

Before scrolling down, look carefully and let us know how many women you were able to find.


Hint!: there are four women hidden in this single picture.

Now let’s analyse the optical illusion and count all the women.

Most of the people first notice a young woman standing and talking on her phone, but let’s take a closer look! The hair of this young woman is really thick and beautiful. Probably many women are now thinking “How come she has such unrealistically luxurious hair!?”. You are right, that’s unreal! Now let’s find the other 3 women.

If you look at the belly of this young woman, you can notice lips. These are the lips of our second woman, who is also the part of the thick hair described above!

Now, pay attention to the palm of the young woman that is holding the phone. Here is where the third woman is hiding! Did you see her?

We would like to give you some more time to try and find the last hidden face of a woman. If you manage to find her, you will be among the 40% of people who were able to find the forth face.

If you didn’t find it, let’s look together!

If you take a deeper look, you would find a nose emerging from the woman’s arms. You can also notice a eyes and lips. There is your fourth woman. It is a side profile. This was a tricky finding for many, which is why 60% fail to find the ‘fourth’ woman.

If you were able to find all four women in the initially given time (in 1 minute), this means you have a good eyesight and a focused mind. Even if you had found 3 of the 4 women, it still means your brain if working just fine and you have well-focused mind.

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