“Diamond Dolls and a private jet”: what the spoiled heiress of Beyoncé and Jay-Z looks like

What do you think about such parenting?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been married for a few years. They have three children – Sir, Rumi and Blue Ivy. The oldest of them, Blue, celebrated her 9th birthday this year.

The couple love her very much and give her everything that the little heiress of the stars wants. For example, last year she got a doll decorated with real diamonds. The girl also wears branded expensive outfits.

The absurd thing is, the kid has her own private plane, even though she is only nine years old.

Blue often appears with her mom in luxurious outfits on red carpets and even gets her nails done. Some of Beyoncé’s followers find such parenting strange. They often note it in their comments.

And what do you think, what kind of girl will the kid grow up, who is literally given all the most precious things in this world?

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